A Throwing Back

Rejection — how different would it be from ignore.
I Wonder !!

Tahoma Literary Review

By Michael Schmeltzer, Assistant Poetry Editor

The words reject and rejection have their origins in Latin–something I can’t pronounce meaning “to throw back” or “a throwing back.”

We take rejection, and its birth for granted; we assume it’s negative and yet, buried in the word itself a beautiful image—a throwing back, as if something simple like a ball, as if two boys at a park engaged in play. It isn’t terrible, or negative at all.

A writer. An editor. Words submitted, then returned, one smooth motion. Back and forth, give and take, a father and daughter joking in the yard, tossing a ball, rejections a ritual between them.


For a long time I was mistaken; I believed rejection was a passive experience, a sort of absence or negation. I thought it was silence, not sound, the footprint, not the foot, not the hard won hard step into soft ground.

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Author: mpbyte

I am a Banker by profession & a Law graduate. Reading excites me and makes me think about it. I believe in social revolution for the good of mankind.

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