Partiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeessss #AtoZChallenge

Like minded group of people are fun to be with.Parties are great fun with them.

Kohl-Eyed Me

Given an option between going out and being at home, I would rather choose to curl up with a book and a mug of coffee. But there are days when I love to wear my nine-inch heels, flaunt that little black dress and pretend to like people and their company. And I tell you, in the Army, we have plenty of opportunities for the same.

Wouldn’t you love to dress up in a cutoff denim shorts, buttoned up shirt, a western-style cowboy hat and a cowboy boots? Wouldn’t you love to put on those gorgeous anarkhalis or lehengas, gold and silver braid, finest head and nose jewelry with those beautiful necklaces, earrings and rings for a Mughal empress attire? Or in a beautiful white and gold Kerala saree, your hair adorned with jasmine flowers for a traditional costume? Or those ravishing IMA Ball, or May Queen Ball with the gentleman…

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Twilight Sky

A tinge of sadness encircles the heart like when a dear one leaves with the hope of their return.

The Season of spice & Sweet Mangoes

Is there A season in the 24/7 & 365 days culture.

Read this as it unfolds……

Though the Conservative households in India religiously follow the norm of Pickle making during Summer, must we rephrase this as “throwback summer” , time associated with memories of  fun & pickle making.Playing cricket with cousins & watching the women in the house busy gearing up for the pickle making project.

So it all starts with obtaining the raw mango  in bulk from the market,cutting them into required dimensions.Then comes the time for spicies, oil & all.Not to forget arranging for big vessels while waiting for bright sunshine.

The pickle making is at par with a ritual or a religious ceremony where besides the do’s & dont’s there are ample superstitions to be strictly followed till the tasting of the final product & preserving it for a year or more.

Try these homemade ones & savour the taste for a lifelong.