The Season of spice & Sweet Mangoes

Is there A season in the 24/7 & 365 days culture.

Read this as it unfolds……

Though the Conservative households in India religiously follow the norm of Pickle making during Summer, must we rephrase this as “throwback summer” , time associated with memories of  fun & pickle making.Playing cricket with cousins & watching the women in the house busy gearing up for the pickle making project.

So it all starts with obtaining the raw mango  in bulk from the market,cutting them into required dimensions.Then comes the time for spicies, oil & all.Not to forget arranging for big vessels while waiting for bright sunshine.

The pickle making is at par with a ritual or a religious ceremony where besides the do’s & dont’s there are ample superstitions to be strictly followed till the tasting of the final product & preserving it for a year or more.

Try these homemade ones & savour the taste for a lifelong.




Adversities are streams of blessings which will manifests into oceans of strength.

Never Say You Have A Soul.

You are a Soul, You have a body.


Well then, is the body so irrelevant ? What could one do without the body ?

It’s been 20 years since Christopher Reeve asked himself this question after being fully paralysed. He told himself, You are not simply your body. He choose to live a bigger life, not able to act he ventured into writing,directing,guiding & more.


Divinity – A Haiku — Scribble and Scrawl.A poetry par excellence.

The poet has excelled in bringing forth the purpose of divinity, that is, not only encompassing & blessing the obvious but also that which is hidden.

Super Kudos !!


By Somali K Chakrabarti Image source Shining through the leaves divinity ushers in to touch the weeds! . © Somali K Chakrabarti

via Divinity – A Haiku — Scribble and Scrawl

P for Phosphenes #AtoZChallenge

That was an novel exercise.

broken blue bubbles

Phosphenes (singular-phosphene)

Meaning: a phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.

Etymology: Greek words phos (light) and phainein (to show)

Pronunciation: fos-feens

Usage in a sentence: “She squeezed her eyes shut, and enjoyed the show of phosphenes.”


Do this exercise right now. Don’t worry, it won’t hamper your blog-hopping abilities.
Shut your eyes. Press your fingers over your eyelids or rub your closed eyes.
Do you see any of the following patterns when you do this exercise?

Source: http://www.oubliette.org.uk/Three.html

What you’ve just done is the same thing that the ancient Greeks did and knew about. This colour filled image is called a phosphene. The creation of a phosphene has no magical explanation. It has been studied by Isaac Newton too! Here’s the theory (from Wikipedia):

The pressure mechanically stimulates the cells of the retina. Experiences include a darkening of the visual field that…

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